Sunday, August 30, 2009

Late Summer

New England can be a very weird place to live. We always seem to be gearing our activities towards the next season. One week ago we had our only blast of real summer: temperatures in the mid 80s with dewpoints in the mid 70s. In other words I worked up a solid sweat just blinking my eyes. What was I doing? Putting my firewood into the barn for the winter. It seemed quite ironic to me.

I had a chance to visit Colorado for 10 days in July. I also was able to visit Acadia National Park right after that. There are new images from both trips up on my website

Today, after finishing some chores, Holly and I went up to MacLeod Pond in Catamount State Forest for some photography. the new road that the state built does not appear to have increased the negative impact many feared that it would. It is still as beautiful as ever. Here's one of the images from this afternoon.

I hope your weekend was as nice.
Thanks for reading!